Native Child

The digital natives myth of today, that the young have market power in achieving the shape of IT of tomorrow is being diluted. Children do not build the apps being used that older people create. Hype or not, who is really the tech inventor?

Mid Age Success

Is it too late to start in your thirties? Hardly, at 35, the correlation between age and success becomesĀ  less relevant and the typical, best known companies in the world are born. The barriers that people create is what hinders this timeline.

L&D Practices

Digital delivery by L&D departments are going through a rigorous self assessment process to help evaluate their courses. RAPTA, quality, self review and mature benchmarks are making practitioners optimize edtech for the better.

Tomorrow’s Inventions

The groundbreaking inventions that people have disnoted are incredible. With some retrospect, tomorrow’s promise is as clear as it could be.

Learn Neuroethics

A course in the ethical, legal and social issues raised by neuroscience. When does the need for understanding self hood become blocked by implications that have yet to become knowledgeable?

Break Shift

Moving on and taking a break can do wonders for a person. You can line up a job and be better at committing to what is good, not just what is there, a new form of training.


Physical-self, relationships and creative discipline and the important factors to being successful says Dale Davidson. Basically self improvement, which includes writing and girls- thank god.

Deep Skills

Samuel J. Palmisano, Chief Executive, IBM, relays that in today’s world if you have a deep set of skills in the arts, finance, engineering, there will be opportunity. This is where retraining comes in- upgrade your set for continual improvement.

The Amateur

Nobel winner, Richard Feynman worked in digital physics, neural networks and parallel computing, but never quite knew what he was doing. He remarked that things were so new that nobody knew what they were doing- amateurs made the progress.

Grad School Perception

A cultural foray into the reasoning behind the current negative perception of the grad school experience. Are attitudes changing? You be the judge. Drop a comment if you feel compelled.

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