Why Me?

It can be hard to digest, but passion doesn’t get startups off the ground. Knowing that supporters aren’t buyers, the entrepreneur isn’t different from the next and getting 1% of the market can be a drop in the bucket, could lead to solving a problem, not an ego.

Consolidating IoT

The Internet of Things, is almost everywhere, but not yet. Making it clear that a project has worked can be the biggest challenge and the consolidation of standards and industries will mean that this method can then burgeon to realised growth.

$500 Search

A $500 search ‘do engine’ made at a school hackathon of self taught students, Gevva, could take on Google. Can a new tech creation that unifies popular functions within the engine fill in the gaps of the pains on the Internet do just that?

The Sale

When selling your startup, the process starts from the beginning with thinking of the outcome, aligning with investors and managing the journey. While this is going on, take care of yourself so that a deal can be made.

Storyful News

Storyful is a startup trying to separate actionable news from the real time web by being a producer. Given current events, when everyone is a witness, what is a journalist?

Entrepreneur First

After an inaugural class, Entrepreneurs First 2012 helped create startups worth £15m. Connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with great co-founders is the problem that this program is aiming to solve.


Pierre Omidyar and others have proven that you can be a sole founder in building your company. Sure, it’s easier to build a magic operation with the right match, but this is very difficult to achieve; by starting now you can achieve your long term goals.

Currency Wars

PayPal, Bitcoin, Ven and Facebook credits, financial transactions are in the process of taking a leap to frictionless virtual goods. Ups and downs driven by real-world value and absorbed externalities make these options warm for fierce competition in the coming years.

Kuhn Theory

Scientists and managers need to do less “sexy” work? Who creates value and how can start-ups encourage this behavior and how can organizations last longer then a couple of years? Thomas Kuhn and his meaningful innovation.

Barter Economy

Sites like, ThredUP and SwapMamas that focus on bartering are proliferating from the early days of community centers to online mega bazaars. Old items are now being viewed as currency- it’s about time.

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