Innova Peru

Innova Schools, the home of first world blended learning and design ideas are being adapted in Peru. Students at this IDEO designed school achieved 61% proficiency in math and 86% in literacy. The creative freedom of profits is real world education.

Fear of Tomorrow

Going slow, while curious could be the method of beginning to understand what technology really is, especially for teachers. In being the people that have to adjust to becoming afraid of what is next, it’s get tech, or get lost.

Yes to TechEd

People are dropping out of MOOCs because of a lack of credit, and there has been limited evolution in this form of technological ed since the 1990s. However, APIs and open developer platforms are giving light to improved processes.

Learning Human

Understanding the human body, how people learn, the mind and aspects of the being, software can improve. Building for the who not just the why is what computer based interaction should benefit in order to increase usability.

Free MOOCs

Can the unsustainability of offering free education from upper universities be dealt with? Getting students on a curriculum can be good for the skills that they are trying to teach, not for the institutions themselves.

Wearable Tech

Standardized testing, school operations and proficiency will all be of issue when a Google Glass becomes the norm at schools. When will books move to the screen and there will be an absence of chalkboards? The answer is not to fight, but embrace it.

Blended Learning

MIND Research Institute are using visual games with a penguin named Jiji to increase math skills- that is doubling gains in proficiency from a study of almost 10,000 students. Blended learning is what makes this program effective and the likeability of the games make it a great option for financially lean educational facilities.

Teaching Teachers

Autism Training Solutions is increasing the capacity of schools to deliver treatment during childhood; what a fantastic way for enabling teachers to be equipped with the skills needed to effectively nurture challenged students.

Calvin and Hobbes

Bill Watterson, author of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, at a 1990 Kenyon College Commencement Speech made it clear than it’s not selling out, but rather buying in. Flunk some classes and remember there is no such thing as overnight success- capitalize your philosophy and you will triumph any ethical dilemmas you might have […]

Teaching Approaches

Context and style are the key differentiators in terms of the balance between teaching approaches and discovery of budding young students. Elizabeth Bonawitz from University of California, Berkeley through two experiments with pre-schoolers found that teaching can be a “double-edge sword”.

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