Coffee Awards

The call for nominations of the recognition awards for coffee workers is a great way to bring acclaim to those that serve up this pastime drink. What makes a great barista or bean leader? With some sparkle, new beginnings in passed up industries can thrive.

Credible Activism

What to do if you have a passion for a cause? Become a credible activist of course. But, how to be viewed, what to value and embrace are the issues with this profession. With some engagement, there is a place for this role in the community at large.

Skills, No Job

Remote workers are becoming gap completers with the world wide shortage for qualified STEM skill based positions. But the increase in tech development is also creating jobs that no one can do because of their complexity. Who will get the remaining jobs?

Sophmoric Employee

If you’re no where near a startup, you can still get work with a few internships while in high school and learning to code right off the bat. After that the rest comes down to how available you are online and the relationships that you create.

Women Engineers

People friendly places are those that also hire women engineers and the businesses that want to increase diversity and talent. When outreach from a startup isn’t enough, creating a class to take yourself might be the best way to get a tech job.

Customer Co

Totango believes that pro-customer company’s need to be pro-value, pro-active, and pro-fessional to be customer centric. In turn this means that they are pro jobs as these are the people that they will then call new hires.


With that said, it’s important to not make mistakes while on the job search. Fresh strategies coupled with old tactics might just be what lands the next work. Don’t get discouraged and remember there are always openings, somewhere.

DIY Hired

With an expected increase of hiring new jobs at 9 percent, the outlook for employment is the most promising since 2008. There are a ton of ways to get that opportunity that you’ve always wanted, here are the top tips of 2012.

The Right Gig

It’s a must to check out for anonymous reviews from Silicon Valley employees, check the ISO (Incentive Stock Options), your real compensation, at-will employment status, health insurance benefits, paid time off and the rest of the bag of perks.

Taking Out The Garbage

In order to make the big bucks, you must be a garbageman or plumber. To do the unpleasant, unlike the droves of video game designers or actors that get paid nothing. Look at QA for example.

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