A Fish Without Chips

“Hirst offers himself a shark ‘large enough to swallow a man’ for 6000 pounds, and the total price of his work amounts to 50,000 pounds. The tabloids of the moment say some funny things, such as ‘50,000 GBP for a fish without chips’.” Read the full article here from Jeanne Poret.

IS Sofa

Inoda+Sveje Design Studio have created the IS Sofa. Take a look at this furniture and it becomes apparent that it would be incredibly comfy to sit on. By using interesting materials, the design was remade. How would you design your couch?

Kathleen Letts

How did you get your start in the visual arts? It all started with mud pies…my earliest memories are of making little pots from the mud in a wooded clearing near our house in rural Kansas.A I must have been 4 or 5.A Later I branched out to figures that I made out of cloth […]

Mark Dilks

ARTIST STATEMENTS by Mark Dilks Stuff, piles up, gets lost in a pile. Unknowingly, we point out the mass and not its parts. The construction may not be the definition. Why define? What if the definitions we grow up learning are wrong? Words form to make sense out of what? I want my art to […]

Allen Vandever

Allen Vandever is an emerging artist from Chicago. He has recently exhibited at NEXT, part of Art Chicago and at VERGE at Art Basel in Miami. When did you first know that you wanted to be a painter? My first memories are of lying in my crib looking up at a print of Van Gogh’s […]

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