Collaborative Africa

Are Africa’s local economies mature enough for all of the incubators popping up? Hubs are pivoting to become less lofty in their aspirations. Training, mentorship with the hope of being a collaborative meeting space could be further in line with market demands.

Enthusiastic Founders

Enthusiasm is what separates the Bulgarian and Serbian scene from others. With no institutional capital it makes it difficult to raise money for startups. But accelerator Eleven, is turning misconceptions to that of full optimism.

Crowd Champions

What can be done, if you can’t get a space in an incubator, or after the completion of the program no investors? Crowdfund your dream. Indiegogo makes this possible with a solid approach to connecting funders with soon to be startup champions.

Coding Wave

New Orleans is using its history of being a city driven by new technology, diversity, art and engineering to help start a third wave. With the help of Coding Across America, a entrepreneurship resurgence could become a reality.

Malaria Cure

Students have invented a malaria repellent soap using plants and were awarded $25,000 at the Global Social Venture Competition. Not probable, but when you are combining healthcare and technology, the results can be fantastic.

Gender Gap

In middle school, 74% of girls are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, but when choosing a college major, just 0.3% of high school girls select computer science. Girls who code is changing that.


Cogolabs of Cambridge, Massachusetts have rebranded their incubator and are proving that they can make real dollars. By not taking outside pitches and only incubating startups until they are ready to graduate, the urban decay notion that usually leaves unsuccessful start-ups in the dust is remedied.


The Hong Kong Science and Technology Park has just opened a new incubation program focusing on gaming, web and mobile start-ups. Offering up to HK$408K to help get businesses off the ground, there are a lot of hoops to jump through, but if you are creating in a Tiger economy, don’t pass this opportunity up.

Start-Up Chile

2010 was the pilot year, to test the waters; in 2011, 300 start-ups will form with the help of 40k in equity-free seed funds in Chile to make it the innovation capital of Latin America. Amazing.

Hot Finland

The Tekes Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation grants more than €500 million ($663 million) towards innovative projects for “new know-how”, R&D and innovation with a focus on the mobile sector- the average revenue per employee working in mobile in Helsinki is a staggering €123,747 ($164,255).

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