Connected You

Open source wearable art could be where fashion is going. With some gyroscope, OLED, heat sensing and blue tooth capability modules, what is wanted to combine to clothe becomes up to the developer or maker.

The Swirl

The quest to understand the stars. WIth astrophotography time lapse techniques, these nighttime shots of the sky can become a reality. Star trails for all. What will encompass your shared outlook of our friendly neighbors?

Plugging Out

From creating memories, to new found happiness, drawing is an act that can be done with minimal cost and is as portable as an electronic device. Not to mention, it could be the beginning of a new relationship with art development.

Programmatic Fame

Difficult to say whether or not images that are made with programming can be said to be art and there are constraints when dealing with too much control. The tools are there, when are there going to be code artists of fame?

Silk App

Interactive generative art on your phone or tablet, why paint when you can weave together art. Hardly the end of this method and the beginning of new digital representation.

A Disinterest

Subjects of contention don’t involve art as far as scientists are concerned, but they can still be inspired by science. Art can also make a scientist a better communicator and researcher- not an impediment to scientific progress, a way to increase relevance.


Postmodern art is finally getting the recognition that has been lost due to new scholarship and interest in the rapidly changing genre. Ripe valuations and accessibility are re-birthing as the intellect factor are shaping the taste and style of new art history.

The New Old

Rarities, rediscoveries, and masterpieces are rounding out new auctions and continue to dazzle as they are being re-attributed, freshly revealed in new light. What an exciting measure of excellence by the art community.


The art market rebound has led to a 35 percent gain over the last 12 months. However, older collectors aren’t flocking to the higher prices. This is the beginning of the SWAG– silver, wine, art and gold as peaking investor interest.

A&F Markets

Pierre Naquin, the founder of a new project by A&F Markets, says “Just because someone makes an investment in art, it doesn’t mean they lose the emotional tie to the work. We’re actually opening up the market to art lovers.” Naquin seeks to allow investors to buy and sell shares in art works with prices […]

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