August 2014

A Fish Without Chips

“Hirst offers himself a shark ‘large enough to swallow a man’ for 6000 pounds, and the total price of his work amounts to 50,000 pounds. The tabloids of the moment say some funny things, such as ‘50,000 GBP for a fish without chips’.” Read the full article here from Jeanne Poret.

Coffee Awards

The call for nominations of the recognition awards for coffee workers is a great way to bring acclaim to those that serve up this pastime drink. What makes a great barista or bean leader? With some sparkle, new beginnings in passed up industries can thrive.

Credible Activism

What to do if you have a passion for a cause? Become a credible activist of course. But, how to be viewed, what to value and embrace are the issues with this profession. With some engagement, there is a place for this role in the community at large.

Skills, No Job

Remote workers are becoming gap completers with the world wide shortage for qualified STEM skill based positions. But the increase in tech development is also creating jobs that no one can do because of their complexity. Who will get the remaining jobs?

Native Child

The digital natives myth of today, that the young have market power in achieving the shape of IT of tomorrow is being diluted. Children do not build the apps being used that older people create. Hype or not, who is really the tech inventor?

Mid Age Success

Is it too late to start in your thirties? Hardly, at 35, the correlation between age and success becomesĀ  less relevant and the typical, best known companies in the world are born. The barriers that people create is what hinders this timeline.

L&D Practices

Digital delivery by L&D departments are going through a rigorous self assessment process to help evaluate their courses. RAPTA, quality, self review and mature benchmarks are making practitioners optimize edtech for the better.

Collaborative Africa

Are Africa’s local economies mature enough for all of the incubators popping up? Hubs are pivoting to become less lofty in their aspirations. Training, mentorship with the hope of being a collaborative meeting space could be further in line with market demands.

Enthusiastic Founders

Enthusiasm is what separates the Bulgarian and Serbian scene from others. With no institutional capital it makes it difficult to raise money for startups. But accelerator Eleven, is turning misconceptions to that of full optimism.

Crowd Champions

What can be done, if you can’t get a space in an incubator, or after the completion of the program no investors? Crowdfund your dream. Indiegogo makes this possible with a solid approach to connecting funders with soon to be startup champions.

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