April 2013

Learning Human

Understanding the human body, how people learn, the mind and aspects of the being, software can improve. Building for the who not just the why is what computer based interaction should benefit in order to increase usability.

Free MOOCs

Can the unsustainability of offering free education from upper universities be dealt with? Getting students on a curriculum can be good for the skills that they are trying to teach, not for the institutions themselves.

Wearable Tech

Standardized testing, school operations and proficiency will all be of issue when a Google Glass becomes the norm at schools. When will books move to the screen and there will be an absence of chalkboards? The answer is not to fight, but embrace it.

Sophmoric Employee

If you’re no where near a startup, you can still get work with a few internships while in high school and learning to code right off the bat. After that the rest comes down to how available you are online and the relationships that you create.

Women Engineers

People friendly places are those that also hire women engineers and the businesses that want to increase diversity and talent. When outreach from a startup isn’t enough, creating a class to take yourself might be the best way to get a tech job.

Customer Co

Totango believes that pro-customer company’s need to be pro-value, pro-active, and pro-fessional to be customer centric. In turn this means that they are pro jobs as these are the people that they will then call new hires.

Programmatic Fame

Difficult to say whether or not images that are made with programming can be said to be art and there are constraints when dealing with too much control. The tools are there, when are there going to be code artists of fame?

Silk App

Interactive generative art on your phone or tablet, why paint when you can weave together art. Hardly the end of this method and the beginning of new digital representation.

A Disinterest

Subjects of contention don’t involve art as far as scientists are concerned, but they can still be inspired by science. Art can also make a scientist a better communicator and researcher- not an impediment to scientific progress, a way to increase relevance.

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