April 2013

IS Sofa

Inoda+Sveje Design Studio have created the IS Sofa. Take a look at this furniture and it becomes apparent that it would be incredibly comfy to sit on. By using interesting materials, the design was remade. How would you design your couch?

Tomorrow’s Inventions

The groundbreaking inventions that people have disnoted are incredible. With some retrospect, tomorrow’s promise is as clear as it could be.

Break Shift

Moving on and taking a break can do wonders for a person. You can line up a job and be better at committing to what is good, not just what is there, a new form of training.

Learn Neuroethics

A course in the ethical, legal and social issues raised by neuroscience. When does the need for understanding self hood become blocked by implications that have yet to become knowledgeable?

Coding Wave

New Orleans is using its history of being a city driven by new technology, diversity, art and engineering to help start a third wave. With the help of Coding Across America, a entrepreneurship resurgence could become a reality.

Malaria Cure

Students have invented a malaria repellent soap using plants and were awarded $25,000 at the Global Social Venture Competition. Not probable, but when you are combining healthcare and technology, the results can be fantastic.

Gender Gap

In middle school, 74% of girls are interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, but when choosing a college major, just 0.3% of high school girls select computer science. Girls who code is changing that.

The Sale

When selling your startup, the process starts from the beginning with thinking of the outcome, aligning with investors and managing the journey. While this is going on, take care of yourself so that a deal can be made.

Storyful News

Storyful is a startup trying to separate actionable news from the real time web by being a producer. Given current events, when everyone is a witness, what is a journalist?

Entrepreneur First

After an inaugural class, Entrepreneurs First 2012 helped create startups worth £15m. Connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with great co-founders is the problem that this program is aiming to solve.

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