January 2012

Blended Learning

MIND Research Institute are using visual games with a penguin named Jiji to increase math skills- that is doubling gains in proficiency from a study of almost 10,000 students. Blended learning is what makes this program effective and the likeability of the games make it a great option for financially lean educational facilities.

Teaching Teachers

Autism Training Solutions is increasing the capacity of schools to deliver treatment during childhood; what a fantastic way for enabling teachers to be equipped with the skills needed to effectively nurture challenged students.


Pierre Omidyar and others have proven that you can be a sole founder in building your company. Sure, it’s easier to build a magic operation with the right match, but this is very difficult to achieve; by starting now you can achieve your long term goals.


With that said, it’s important to not make mistakes while on the job search. Fresh strategies coupled with old tactics might just be what lands the next work. Don’t get discouraged and remember there are always openings, somewhere.

DIY Hired

With an expected increase of hiring new jobs at 9 percent, the outlook for employment is the most promising since 2008. There are a ton of ways to get that opportunity that you’ve always wanted, here are the top tips of 2012.


Cogolabs of Cambridge, Massachusetts have rebranded their incubator and are proving that they can make real dollars. By not taking outside pitches and only incubating startups until they are ready to graduate, the urban decay notion that usually leaves unsuccessful start-ups in the dust is remedied.


Postmodern art is finally getting the recognition that has been lost due to new scholarship and interest in the rapidly changing genre. Ripe valuations and accessibility are re-birthing as the intellect factor are shaping the taste and style of new art history.

The New Old

Rarities, rediscoveries, and masterpieces are rounding out new auctions and continue to dazzle as they are being re-attributed, freshly revealed in new light. What an exciting measure of excellence by the art community.


The art market rebound has led to a 35 percent gain over the last 12 months. However, older collectors aren’t flocking to the higher prices. This is the beginning of the SWAG– silver, wine, art and gold as peaking investor interest.

Kathleen Letts

How did you get your start in the visual arts? It all started with mud pies…my earliest memories are of making little pots from the mud in a wooded clearing near our house in rural Kansas.A I must have been 4 or 5.A Later I branched out to figures that I made out of cloth […]

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