January 2011

AEA Education

Read the game theory for college teachers at the AEA Continuing Education Program preliminary reading list for an introduction to game theory taught by Avinash Dixit and David Reiley.  Includes the first draft of a new book by Michael Suk-Young Chwe,  Folk Game Theory: Strategic Analysis in Austen, Hammerstein, and African American Folktales.

Law Prospects

The idea to work in IT is out, with statistically questionable findings out, J.D.s have encountered new challenges when entering the pool of recently graduated candidates. Debts and the shrinking of legal counsel have split some, but others are finding new opportunities.

Split Second Trading

According to MSN the average time that somebody holds a stock is 22 seconds- split second trading has turned an already short term based industry into an even more short term based sector. How can those attracted to the riches of the financial sector be reverted to creating new ventures (and jobs)?


James Golick of BitLove says speculating sucks: Trying to perfect an implementation in one’s mind is a form of speculation. It is extremely difficult to judge the readability of something you cannot read, or the performance of something you cannot run. The great programmer is often more effective because they can implement several solutions in the […]

Coastal Hegemony

The story goes that Mark Zuckerberg moved Facebook from the cradle of American education, Boston, to Palo Alto. How will regions of advanced learning adapt and change to the local environment- will Stanford beat Harvard?

Allen Vandever

Allen Vandever is an emerging artist from Chicago. He has recently exhibited at NEXT, part of Art Chicago and at VERGE at Art Basel in Miami. When did you first know that you wanted to be a painter? My first memories are of lying in my crib looking up at a print of Van Gogh’s […]

The PhD

Hype versus reality. The constant question as to whether continue training or obtain employment. This then leads to the question can this be done at the same time. Without further ado, here is support for the PhD. Saturated and laborious to achieve. Sounds great. No, really.

Spreenkler Talent Labs

For students at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, they have the chance to have to raise money from investors for the next big idea. First you request a presentation, then you submit your idea. Head on over to Spreenkler Talent Labs : Seed Incubator to watch a video and learn more.


IKEA, where to start. Ingvar Kamprad, the founder is quoted as saying, “only those who are asleep make no mistakes.” Is it possible to be awake and walk the path of perfection, or is this just what the entrepreneur has to do out of necessity. What are your thoughts on this?

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