January 2011

Hot Finland

The Tekes Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation grants more than €500 million ($663 million) towards innovative projects for “new know-how”, R&D and innovation with a focus on the mobile sector- the average revenue per employee working in mobile in Helsinki is a staggering €123,747 ($164,255).

Barter Economy

Sites like, ThredUP and SwapMamas that focus on bartering are proliferating from the early days of community centers to online mega bazaars. Old items are now being viewed as currency- it’s about time.

Taking Out The Garbage

In order to make the big bucks, you must be a garbageman or plumber. To do the unpleasant, unlike the droves of video game designers or actors that get paid nothing. Look at QA for example.

Teaching Approaches

Context and style are the key differentiators in terms of the balance between teaching approaches and discovery of budding young students. Elizabeth Bonawitz from University of California, Berkeley through two experiments with pre-schoolers found that teaching can be a “double-edge sword”.

Grad School Perception

A cultural foray into the reasoning behind the current negative perception of the grad school experience. Are attitudes changing? You be the judge. Drop a comment if you feel compelled.

A&F Markets

Pierre Naquin, the founder of a new project by A&F Markets, says “Just because someone makes an investment in art, it doesn’t mean they lose the emotional tie to the work. We’re actually opening up the market to art lovers.” Naquin seeks to allow investors to buy and sell shares in art works with prices […]

Real Bansky

There is a $999,999 price for an eBay auction where an individual claims that after matching up the prices of sold artwork to tax records, they know Bansky‘s real name. And they’ll mail a piece of paper to you with that name on it. Somebody either at the galleries or the artist is real smart.

Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art plans to auction more than two dozen European old master paintings. The museum’s chief curator says the 32 works don’t fit well with the Cleveland museum but could have a place elsewhere. Most of the works are by minor masters and are expected to bring in much smaller amounts.

MBA Value

Battling for success, the MBA has become something of a misnomer. Getting into “Professional Management” and into entrepreneurialism’s ruling class has made the modern MBA student less valuable then previously thought. What is Harvard doing about it? Read on.

Europe’s Incubator

Programs have appeared in various European countries, like HackForward and Springboard in the UK, Copenhagen-based StartupBootcamp, Madrid’s Tetuan Valley and Paris’s Le Camping, but none have matched America’s Y Combinator. Whether it is the environment or the the existence of an inactive exit market, there are a few kinks that Europe has to work out […]

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